Stressed Out Weekend.

On Sunday night, Jim Woods and I performed The Jim and Heather Show again, to a small crowd of friends. Strangely, I felt like much of the darker material was ill-accepted at the beginning of the show -- moments that had previously garnered laughs were now met with sickened, Oh's. We have one more show next weekend, again at 8:30, and then we start work-shopping new material with Bobby Mort (of Morning in Compton fame). In more exciting news, Jim and I are going to be doing our show for one night in New York City, Monday, May 08th, at the UCB theater.

I've never been to New York before; I always wanted to wait until I had a reason to go -- as opposed to just blasting through on vacation. Now I've got that reason. We're double billed with Brendan Hunt's 5 Years in Amsterdam, in sort of a would-be SNL showcase. This means that May 08 is the most likely date for SNL people to come see the show, but there aren't any guarantees. Honestly, I'm simply excited to be going to NYC. And then I'll hop back to LA for E3, the video-game entertainment expo. It'll be a great first two weeks in May ... but I can imagine I'll be very, very broke in June as a result. I need a better job.