Starting again.

It's another gorgeous day in Amsterdam. The sky is high and clear, the breeze whistles lightly against my window frames. I'm about to head out into the city and pick up the last pieces of my Halloween Costume - a wig and some shoes. I've had my morning coffee and started a new anime series: Madlax. I finished X/1999 yesterday and was grandly disappointed. From about episode 13 on, that show just got more and more mediocre. Sometimes I worry that I'm growing desensitized to the techniques and beauty of anime. But I guess I have disenchantment-anxiety about everything. Pretty sure everybody does.

Speaking of anxiety, I'm starting to get terrified of leaving. I have 9 months left in Europe, maybe one more (to spend actually seeing this continent) ... and then I return to my Real Life. That is, of course, assuming that Josh doesn't become Boom's Videographer, in which case I'll stay longer, I guess. Maybe.

Amsterdam has felt like home for almost half a year. I'm sure that upsets my mom; it's real expensive to visit.

Unrelated Memo:

Possible Pizza Royale 2004 (Aka PR5 - Wow. A Half Decade of Pizza Royale Nights)

Movie Potentials:

Zatoichi Battle Royale Requiem Casshern Crying out for love at the center of the World Ju-On

I'm looking for a film to screen while we all eat Chicago Pizza. Traditionally, this movie has been Battle Royale - for the last 4 years, I've had a different group of friends every year, so watching the movie has been a unique experience for most of them (save Josh and Scott, I think. Maybe Lacher too. I think they all saw it twice?). Anyway, this year I'm faced with a new challenge; what movie do we watch? The requirements are: It has to be crowd pleasing or spectacular high-concept. It should be a film that hardly anyone has seen. Battle Royale 2 is supposed to be ~Terrible~, but I still have it on the list because I need a movie, and it may also be ok for us to all watch a bad sequel together. Anyway, I'm looking for suggestions ....