Late night theory: The piano, despite the inherent limitations between musician and the parameters of sound he can produce, (this being the single-action strike versus the constant fluctuation of reed and vocal chords on a wind instrument), offers more range in terms of expression and harmonics than any other solo acoustic instrument on earth. In theory, up to 10 notes can be played at once by an artist, and any range of harmonic combinations, forte, and meter can be instantly accessed, allowing the performer the most immediate and complicated musical voice possible.

At the same time, it is the loneliest instrument in the orchestra. There is no piano section. The piano is an individual call - it is the cry of one person in a sea of harmonies. Duets do little to bring forth a deeper climax in the piano; tandem playing is reserved for dual piano pieces, and rarely are included in the orchestra as a whole.

The piano therefore is the clearest window with which we can listen in on the musical consciousness of the human mind. It is an instrument with which we can actually listen in on the presence of a being.

This is my late night pseudoscience. Hear hear!

Good lord I'm tired.