Set work and Time Travel

I don't know that I have anything to write about, but feel that a fundamental part of journaling is forcing one's self to write. So, here I am, with some vague comments on comedy and my frustrations with the European audience. Tonight, we ran a 30 minute set after the main show and tried out some new material. My contribution was a sketch about (what else) G. W. Bush.

High Concept: G.W.B. believes God Speaks Through Him, right? So what if he was right, and Jesus said the same things ...

2 Scientists perfect time travel and arrive in Jerusalem to confirm that Christ speaks only in Bush Quotes.

Unfortunately, it just didn't hit. There were some big laughs, but Boom is all about every third line being a punch. My stuff is all about the fun story, and the throw away tangents.


"Casey, Casey, my invention worked!"

"Is it in the genetics lab? Let me get my shotgun ..."

Not the funniest, but I like popcorn throw-aways better than a series of punchlines-on-topic. A weakness that I guess I'll have to overcome.

That's it. I'm too tired to write anymore.