Series Finished, Series Start-o ... delayed.

Heya Everyone! I know it's been a while since I've posted anything, oh well. Whatever!

Sometime last week, I finished the Anime Series, Saikano. If you care what it's about, you probably already know. If you don't care, the following sentences will bore you. Saikano, or The Last Love Song on This Little Planet, follows the story of a young girl who is turned into a living weapon by the Japanese Government. She struggles to have a normal romantic relationship with a high school boy while simultaneously defending the last remaining town in Japan from the threat of nuclear war. It's wonderfully designed, and painful to watch. I mean, this show is the saddest thing I've seen since "Now and Then, Here and There." So I'm very glad it's over.

After it was finished, I began the journey of Naruto. Naruto is the hip anime to watch, and I must admit that I get a little apprehensive when everyone enjoys an anime so vocally. I envision endless rounds of Dragonball or Gundam. But Naruto is quite funny and downright enjoyable. And there are 110+ episodes, so I almost get to watch it until I move back to the states, in theory.

Christ. Writing that sentence just made me dizzy.

While I'm on that topic ... there are things I've wanted to do here that I haven't had the chance to. I still want to explore Europe. I want to visit Paris, Rome, Prague and London. And I want to go to Japan. Pep keeps trying to convince me to stay 6 more months, and of course -- and the offer is tempting. After all, with Lauren (and possibly Dan) joining Boom, there's not much improv company left in America. Scott and Josh are the fundamental core of my friends still in LA, and ... then ... there's not much else 'cept Boom alumni.

But the plan is this. Jim and I tour our show in the states. We hope we get hired by someone. And that's ... it.