Also, in gaming news ... The next Nintendo is called the Revolution. Apparently it is compatable with every Nintendo System Ever Made via the Nintend-net; you download any game ever and play it on your system, with the controllers from throughout history.

Now, the *new* controller has been hidden from the public until this morning. And it's ... different from any other controller I've ever seen.

Now, before you say it's terrible, you have to understand that it is like a light-gun-wand that controls your onscreen movements with True 3-D sensitivity. Depth, Height, Width -- it's able to communicate with all axis. So now, you will essentially wave your hand and move -- much like the instinctive motions that most people do when dodging onscreen villians or leaping great virtual chasms. It's truly a revolution, and an indication that Nintendo is not following Microsoft and Sony down the same path for their next system.