Residuals Means I'm Saved

I just got my first-ever residuals check.

That means I can pay rent.

I had my first major meeting with Play today, and got to meet my boss, Dave.  He’s really great, and I’m over-excited about my future at the company.  When Rocket launches in the fall, I’ll be the Executive Editor.  I now write about anime and games for a living.  Which is funny, considering that so much of this blog has been about my struggle to find a place where I could do just that, and associate with people who spoke my language.  Dave does, and so does the rest of Play. Many thanks go out to Matt-aka ShaperMC.  Without his gracious acceptance of me at The Gamer’s Quarter, I don’t know that any of this would have happened.  Shaper, thank you so very much.  You can have a free subscription to the magazines for as long as I work there; you’re on my comp list.  I just need to know your address.  If I can figure out anything else to give you, I will.  I’m forever in your debt.

And I’m working on my next article for TGQ right now — it’s an extension of the idea that Final Fantasy is not a game, but a religion.