Photos from Vienna

A few photos from Vienna, randomly selected from a VERY LARGE portfolio. Want a large one for a desktop image? Just leave a comment ... The sunlight! Oh my god, sunlight makes COLORS!? I wouldn't know in Amsterdam ...

Here's that library that was so unbelievable.

We were treated to a tour of the Vienna Opera house. I didn't write about it yet, but a orchestra musician came to the show, and then brought us around the Vienna Opera, as a sort of "Thank You". This was the view from the orchestra pit.

More of that fantastic library.

This is the lobby of the Vienna opera house.

The Hofburg Palace, near the cafe with the most incredible spinach pastries.

More color! Oh, I miss the sunlight.

This guy didn't want his picture taken.

This is the view from the tower at St. Stephans' cathedral.

The newest wing of the Hofburg Imperial Palace.

Oh, more sun! More sun!!!

Finally, here is the view from the stage where we performed for the week. It was all so exceptional, I doubt Boom will ever send me on a nice corporate again.