Looking Back ...

I know I don't post as much as I did last year, but I think that it's because not as much is happening here. I mean, we work constantly in home shows, but the international corporates are MIA and the in-town field trips are also non-existent. I wake up, I rehearse or play FFXI, I do the shows, I go to sleep. And that's it. Of course, my best friend Josh came to visit last week, and I brought him through all the highlights of Amsterdam, from the best restaurants to Jimmy Woo's. That certainly was remarkable. He only stayed for six days, which made me very aware of the close friendships that I'm missing here. It was so nice to listen and talk to someone who made sense and had interesting things to say. I wish I could have brought him to Supper Club, but ... it was booked out. Which is good, I guess, because it means I can do something with him the next time he's here.

Matt Jones visits in less than a week. Holy shit, that's awesome too. I'm sure we'll have tons of fun and then I'll return to the grind.

Christ! What am I complaining about? I live in Amsterdam and play video games when I'm not getting paid to do comedy! I sound like a bored villain. Gross.