Life and Spelling Errors

I don't know why, but at some point in the last year, I started writing oddly. Perhaps it's married to my sudden lack of writing in general, but ... how to explain it? I now write phonetically on the first draft. The first sentence of this entry was originally written, "I started righting odly." I only put it down in words because perhaps it's some symptom (written first as psymtom) of some neurological disease. Or maybe I'm getting too lazy? I also tend to write words backwards now.

Anyway, the point is, it makes for some humorous reading. I should keep drafts of my first drafts somewhere.

In other news, we started Dutch Lessons yesterday. It made me very hungry for Japanese lessons again. Every time we'd learn a new sentence structure, I'd copy it down in both Dutch and Japanese (just so I didn't start forgetting the Japanese). I didn't like the class; there were no books and no English. We have homework, too. Three pages of it.

Scatter-shot. I'm watching Kino's Journey these days in the mornings. I would choose Fullmetal Alchemist over it (a series that has made me cry almost once per episode during the first 8), but I'm waiting for the next set of episodes to be released. Kino's Journey is wonderful, but sullen. It reminds me of "Now and Then, Here and There" in a way. I recommend it highly.

I spend my days watching anime and waiting for shows. It's very (sp: yrev) difficult for me to begin (sp being) a project lately, too. I'm having a crisis of motivation. Photography, writing, art -- it all seems like a peacock tail, designed only to augment my person and make me more attractive to a prospective mate. That's really it -- it sounds heady, but it's the best way to articulate what I feel. What's the purpose of a photograph? I mean, the kind that isn't for a memory? It's just to show someone. "Hey look what I did." The same with drawing. "Look, look! See this!? I did this."

Writing feels a little different, but has similar elements. I write to figure out how I feel, and also (aslo) allow someone else access to my state of mind. But writing fiction feels like photography -- decorative.

Just some thoughts...