At 9:00am, Pep and I picked up Matt Jones from the airport. What's ahead of him is an ego-splitting, mind-defying emotional and physical adventure, like the kind they write about in books. I'm nervous and excited; I'll admit that I don't know How he's gonna fit in or When. But I know he's a good guy and will soon be a natural extension of this new, strange family. It's difficult to give up 250 friends for the intimate relationship he'll have here with ... err, 12 other people. The atmosphere here is indescribeable, but with his fellowship, maybe we'll be able to articulate fully what the HELL happens here all the time. Know that the Jones you get back in the end will not be the same one who left. It's impossible, unfortunately.

He's already been to one rehearsal -- it's our longform rehearsal that we have on mondays, for the elective Hari (our extra set on Wednesday nights). He hasn't slept in 90 hours or something, but still managed to make me laugh.

I'll try and take care of him, without actually trying to take care of him. Tomorrow he's going to De Efftelling. It's an amusement park I've written about before; it's kinda like a crazy german fairy tale, and nothing is in english.

Thanks for letting him go! Toodle-Pip~