Job Hunt, New York, E3

So, as you all know, I quit my "job" at Yummy on Tuesday. In the last two days, I've applied for two jobs, one as a writer at, and the other as a graphic designer at The NextGen site is gaming culture, so there's an obvious connection ... but Break was really out-of-the-blue. I got a call from them yesterday; they had spoken with Joe Kelly about my Crime Scenes poster, and were wondering if I wanted to work as a full-time graphic artist and web designer. Unfortunately, my web design skills are awful. I don't know Flash, plain and simple. But Photoshop? Sure. And I could probably fake my way through Illustrator, too. Next Gen wrote me this morning and said, "We'll keep you on file." But all is not lost! I'll be sending a proposal to The Escapist, and I also have a pretty significant lead at Play. And I know a couple guys at Square-Enix, USA. And a friend is going to pitch me to ... (mumbles) E.A..

In other news, tomorrow at 7:00am, I leave for NEW YORK CITY.

To all within hearing range, come see my first-ever show in New York, at Upright Citizens Brigade: The Jim and Heather Show, MONDAY at 8:00PM!

I'll be shouting this again Sunday, so don't worry about forgetting.

Also, I'll be making some new friends at E3 next week. Maybe someone there will give me a job.