It's hard to keep a blog, and even harder to keep it interesting. Since last I wrote, Brendan Hunt left Boom Chicago. After five years of service, he headed back to America and set up comedy shop in Los Angeles. He'll be on TV soon, I'm sure. The new kids have all started acclimating to the experience. There's Amber, Tarik, and Ryan. I immediately have a kinship with Tarik, I think. Which is nice. And it's not to say that I'm not getting along with Ryan or Amber. I can't wait to get to know them better. Right now, Suzi Tarik Ryan Amber Jim and Tim are sitting in my apartment playing Mario Party.

Of course, my life in Amsterdam continues. The strange thing is that it doesn't seem foreign anymore. I don't notice the smells, the buildings, the food. Wait, no, I'll always notice the food. My god, does it suck.

I'm coming back to LA for a few days in February. See you soon!