As I've mentioned before, Noein is an anime about Multiverses -- parallel universes, grounded in a pseudoscientific understanding of quantum theory. Schrödinger’s Cat, as an anchor for a sci-fi storyline. Today, the villain said something that gave me Goosebumps. I believe (but don't really know, yet) that he wants to combine all of the multiverses into one, idyllic universe. His motivation:

"Infinite universes means infinite sorrows."

Nicely done, writers of Noein. I hope the show picks up again; lately it has been slow.


I'm still unsatisfied with the look and fluidity of .com. I want my livejournal to power the blogging; this includes comments and archiving. But when I use Javascript to embed the journal, I only get the text feed. When I embed it with HTML, I get ugly frames that distort the look of my site. Maybe I need to switch to a more powerful site-building application, like Front Page.

Anyone have any suggestions? I've looked at the Livejournal tutorial on embedding; I've attempted the two options I understand. I mean, I'm not looking for someone to do it for me, but if there's a better site that explains embedding, please send me the link.