So, almost three years after being told about it, I have finally watched The Office. It is perfect. Romantic, funny, painful and honest, the world of The Office is completely, recognizably human. I would have to add that never before has a show made for such an excellent social litmus test; if you don't like The Office, then I Hate You. I don't believe I could find any common ground with someone who didn't understand it - someone who mocked The Office, or was bored by it, wouldn't be worth investigating. I could, without fear of regret, write them off.

I suggest everyone on earth watch it. To paraphrase a friend, I wouldn't show Anime to just anyone. One of my closest friends has no interest in Anime, and I respect and understand that. Anime is more personally me. But The Office is Everyone. Or at least, everyone that I can hope to understand.