French Toast Makes Me Want to Travel

After throwing together the single best breakfast I’ve ever made, I watched another episode of Bokura ga Ita, and slurped fresh coffee by the wall-locked window.  Even with only four hours of sleep, a cold morning in the right hoodie can be perfect.

Why so little slumber?  Ending my days without drinking, the circadian rhythms of my youth are returning.  Like the little girl who would stand until she slept, I’m grinding my teeth with too many thoughts.  My uncomfortable cot doesn’t help.  I need a new apartment.  I need a new window.

Sour preamble aside, I made French Toast this morning from the scraps of La Brea bakery bread left in my refrigerator, and some honey-and-cinnamon inspiration.  French toast makes me think of Tokyo.  January made me think about Vienna.  I feel cemented in Los Angeles and sorely miss 2005 – the year I traveled the world.

I had intended to write a Vienna piece during the second week of January.  You know, working from what I remember most — the smell and look of my hotel room in the morning, conversations with Jim, the loud chamber-halls of the armory — but I ended up having a much busier month than expected.  I haven’t written anything except Play articles and Groundlings sketches for what seems like weeks.  If the first month can determine how the rest of the year will go, then 2007 will be the year that Art lost out to Commerce.

At least I’m playing a lot of Zelda.

This may sound sad, but it’s really a flash of inspiration: I should start taking photographs of the locations I’m visiting in Hyrule.  Or any game for that matter.  I know I spend more time than the average player lining up virtual photographs when I tour new game-worlds.  It would certainly compliment the slow trickle of real-world photography coming out of my camera (I’m working with HDR photography right now, with limited success), and the inclusion of game-worlds in pages of travel photography would be an interesting experiment.