Daily Show Wins Again

Bush Won, Earth Zero. Just watched the Daily Show ( and I'd like to thank Jon Stewart for existing and doing my job better than I could ever hope to.

My news joke from today (Used in the Boom News this evening).

This week, America elected George W. Bush to four more wars ... excuse me ... four more *years*. The good news is, US Presidents can only serve 2 terms. The bad news is, Bush is seeking reelecting in 2008, since he wasn't really elected the first time.

While I'm talking about Boom, our Voting Machine video made it to CNN in the states. Crazy.


One more thing: You know the theory about Multiverses? That there are thousands of universes, and each is different but similar? You know, like that old TV show Sliders -- in one, the Nazis won WW2, in another, Dinosaurs are driving Taxis ... oh wait, that was Super Mario Bros. the movie.

Anyway, my hypothesis is this:

We are in a multiverse. We're not in the Normal Universe.

The WTC is gone. Arnold Swarzenegger is Gov of California. The Red Sox won the World Series. And Bush is president again.

We're the universe that the Sliders people visit and say, "Wow, that one was unbelievable."