Cleaning House

I'm really enjoying having a client to work with L.J. Now, I just need to really start customizing my page to make it sweet. Of course, there aren't many people who view the original home page of my journal; I would imagine that like me, they read their friends page to keep in touch. So, mostly, this is for my friends who don't have a LJ. Anyway ...

Seth Meyers played in Late Night with us last night. Had some great scenes with him. He's a very nice guy -- and it's a relief that we both share the same outlook on group events and such. A few months ago, he came in for a camping/dunes trip (which was just awful). Last night we reflected on what was our shared "worst Boom day" ever: heading out to the "Lake" for "Camping Fun" with "Boom Friends" -- an evening better described as time at the swamp, spent hanging out with bees.

And a shout out again to all who helped me make my journal more secure, by the way. Here's a photo I took of Amsterdam -- a little virtual thank you card.