Bite The Bullet.

So, yesterday, Pep announced the division of the cast, and sent half of us on our merry way to breakfast. At the Irish pub Hole in the Wall, I considered the rectangle of creative people around me, and thought, "This is gonna be a good process." Jim Suzi Matt Tarik Tim

And myself. That's the development team for my final Boom Chicago show, Bite the Bullet. A six-person artistic revolution. We're being told that we can pull from anywhere; the producer wants elements of Harolds, Television, Music -- a Pinata Full of Bees style makeover of what a Boom Chicago show represents.

Of course, I'm skeptical. How can I not be? Last year, one week before we opened the show, Why Aren't You Happy Yet, creative control was wrenched from us and the show hijacked. The flavor was poisoned, the sketches dumbed down, and jokes *forced* into the piece. We were humiliated, angry, and hurt.

So here we are at the top of Bullet, and we're being promised the world. And I imagine that if it's taken away from us at the last moment, I'll be miserable. I don't want to leave BC with anything but roses. And I want the show that Dan and Lauren see apon their arrival to be something special. I can only hope that Pep and Andrew stick to their guns.