Back in Amsterdam

After an unfortunate 3 day trip (which brought me to Austin, Houston, New Jersey and finally Am'dam), I arrived here at Boom ... and immediately reacquainted myself with Holland's specific inconveniences. The lack of privacy. The lack of open restaurants after 7 pm. The lack of a home. And the lack of friends that I instantly and completely connect with. I almost cried relaying tales of Ultimate Improv's shows ... and then did cry when I realized just how far away I was from everyone all over again. When this began, I hated it here. For two days, I cried constantly back in January. I missed Los Angeles more than anything in the world. And now, it's like I have to go through all of that all over again. The best job in the world, right? Yeah. Boom Chicago. But no one to share it with.

Toodle-Pip, I'm going to go watch some Anime.