Back from Texas

First off, let’s start off this post with the single best image I’ve seen on the internet. From Selectbutton’s Ging.

Don’t punch the bear.

Now, on with the post. Yesterday, I had a twelve hour shooting day for my CiCi’s Pizza commercial. The spot starts airing on April 16th, and since there is a CiCi’s in North Hollywood, there is a possibility that it will show here. But if you’re in the southern states, look for my mug on your set in just a few weeks.

But how will we know it’s you, Heather? That’s a pretty good question. Well, here’s me as me, and then me as my mom.

I will be appearing as my mom in the commercial. The outfit they chose is actually the least motherly of the stuff they put me in; at one point I looked like a dying 7th grade English teacher. I wish I had a photo of that costume.

Hmm. I want to do a series of photos called Lost Sister where I dress in different clothing, and wear wigs.

The shoot itself was straightforward and fun. I ate a bunch of cinnamon rolls for a take that may not appear in the finished ad, and otherwise did my best to look generally weird at the salad bar. I hope it’s funny, and I hope I get to see a copy. And I hope it airs a lot. Then I’ll make some money.

After the shoot, I ran around Austin with Hallie, a new friend! We drank at a Library, and then ate at The Iron Cactus (which was the first place I used a fake ID back in 1999 at the Big Stinkin’ Comedy festival). After that, we hopped over to a dueling piano bar full of old people.  Inspired, we sang at a karaoke bar … and took a taxi with the creepiest driver in Texas. He was Palestinian and wanted a threesome.

I got on the airplane at three am, so I’m a little out of sorts. I’ll write more about the whole adventure if I feel like it after a nap.