Awkward Phase

I'm still stuck in Chicago, awaiting the news from Second City on the show I've written with Jim Woods. SC just bought a new theater in Piper's Alley, and are interested in putting up a two-person show on Saturdays/Sundays there ... so we gave Kelly Leonard our book, and we'll see what happens. I spend a lot of my time playing video games (no surprise) and helping my parents pack up the contents of our lives. They've sold the house I grew up in, and we have to clear out everything. Which means throwing away a lot of sentimental shit, like trophies and birthday cards. Though tossing out boxes of High School stuff isn't a bummer, the tedium is ... so I get depressed and head out to buy something in the city, erasing any headway we've made by contributing a new item to the house. Today it was a Wing Gundam Zero Custom Perfect Grade Model Kit. I'm not a Gundam fan, but this kit is something I've been looking at for four years now, and I was just down enough to drop the money on it. Terrible choice, but I do feel better.

I'm hanging out with Luke Hatton tonight. He's a friend from NU, and a Mee-Ow alumn. After that, it's politics time! I head to a party filled with up-and-coming improvisors, and hopefully get to know our potential director (for the Second City may-or-may-not-be-show).

I wish I could do a show in Amsterdam tonight. Just to feel like I'm making money, or ... something. I need money, and I need a job.