Another week of Boom

Sometimes it's difficult to update this journal, partly because I don't have any personal time on the computers in the office (there's always someone around), but also because so much happens, it's hard to keep track of everything. Big events this week? Tuesday, most of Boom went to Six Flags amusement park. Though I woke up early with every intention to go, I bailed out at the last minute when I realized there was no need to attend something I was dreading. I don't like groups and I don't like crowds and I don't like amusement parks.

So I got breakfast and went to the Anne Frank Huis. Dissapointing; not much of a museum, and very little information about Nazism or the perils of Jews living in Amsterdam. Instead, it was more of a "Read the Book? Now see the house!" attraction catering to fans of Anne Frank. Which was all well and good, but I was hoping there was more on the nature of their hiding and less poetry from Kitty.

Then it was off to a bookstore, in an effort to satiate my museum need. Nothing at the bookstore, of course. It's difficult living in a country where the english bookstores are few. I want a Barnes and Noble. Everyone here seems to have libraries in their houses, but no one carries books (english or dutch). So, I went home and played Final Fantasy.

In the evening, I joined Pep and Andrew and Seth Meyers for the trip to the dunes. Boom went deep into the forest/sand and spent hours juggling fire and talking. I was bored to death. So was Seth and Jim.

Also, while I was there, I got some bad news. Sophie, my dear girlfriend, has just gotten a job that will make her move away. It made us both very aware of how much we enjoy the freedom to see each other at any time. In February, she's either going to Germany or Luxemburg, so ... we'll see. It's an 8 month job. Sucks. But I'm so proud of her at the same time.

I love my life, as always. Having an apartment is key. Matt Jones may be visiting next month, which is great. Scottie came last week and totally brightened up things. I watch anime and play games and play. Yahoo. (I hope not to sound defensive. I'm really happy here.)

On Monday, my application for a job at the Newspaper goes in. I hope to draw comics, just like at Northwestern. Cheerio!