For the first time in memory, I am watching episodes of an Anime back-to-back without pause. I am completely obsessed with Death Note. When I catch up to episode 20, I think I will just start watching the show again from the beginning. Typically, I’m very patient with my anime consumption, viewing one 23 minute block per day, but for the last two days I’ve done nothing but hurl myself through this series, unrestrained. It’s a mix of Sherlock Holmes, horror, and character drama all delivered in a deliberate package.

I love this show. I absolutely love it.

One of the projects I’m writing right now is called Game Play. It’s a stage play about romance and video games, and the plot leans heavily on disingenuousness between lovers. To inspire the piece, I’ve been reading The Prince by Machiavelli (which, for my intents and purposes is about calculation above vulnerability). Death Note is a fantastic accompaniment to The Prince, since the anime is all about measured moves and guarded intentions. The show really came at the right time for inspiration.

I think I’ll be watching Dangerous Liaisons again as well. I really should buy that movie, I think I’ve rented it once a month since I got back from Amsterdam. Alright, that’s an exaggeration. Maybe. (It is.)

There’s also a live action Death Note movie. I’ll be watching THIS as soon as I can find it. Hopefully, it won’t dissapoint like Honey and Clover.