A Treasure Hunt

Yesterday was the bi-annual Boom Chicago scavenger hunt, hosted by Suzi and Pep. I've posted before about the amount of work that goes into these things - to give you a taste of what we went through, imagine running into a resturaunt to find a bottle of perfume and a sheet of paper that read: AHBOEHBO@&)P@i9328JBOPOAMMWYQO BJVOIUEWNVIEW@(&%920258 AJHGPWQOVMMSUENGTO

(Or something to that effect).

The above turned out to be a code that sent us to an address across the city, and a woman there was reading a newspaper in the corner and smelled like the perfume. You give her a specific phrase and she gives you a picture of squares and circles. Really great. A fantastic set of clues.

But about half way through the event, the skies above Amsterdam opened up and it rained harder than anything I've ever experienced. Within seconds, my team (starring Matt, Tim, Steven and Andrew) were soaked as if we had gone swimming in our clothes. Add 6 pounds to all of the cross city biking, and an inescapable shiver. Suddenly it wasn't fun any more.

I'm sure Jones will post details about it, too, since he seems to be a more patient blogger than I.

In other news, I think the annual chicago pizza movie festival event will be subtitled, "Pizza Royale 2004: Crusst-hern". Either that or "PR2k4: The Director's Slice".