Today's topic: Four Photos that Make Me Happy. First up, I don't think this needs an explanation. It's just amazing. Then, another blog-type photo:

Here's something sweet from the heart of America. When I see this picture, I think: Christmas.

And next, from one of my current favorite Anime, an AMAZING cosplayer-girl, doing her best Naruto impression.

Finally, another cosplay picture. This one's from .hack//sign.

In other news, over at The Gamer's Quarter is a PDF release of issue four, which contains my article, "Doubting Heroes," about God of War and the Hero's Journey. You can order an issue for just 5 bucks. Please do it! I mean, how often does a friend of yours actually have an article in a magazine? It would mean so much to me -- or you can simply read it online, and be a cheapskate. Keep doing that, though, and the issues may dwindle.

It's strange that Christmas is this week. I don't think I've ever felt more removed from the holidays. The view of the wall next door hasn't changed; no one's put up trees or lights, and I don' t have television, so there's no holiday spirit filtering into my apartment there. My diet prohibits both Egg Nog and Christmas Crunch (my two favorite holiday indulgences), and it's not exactly cold in LA. I'm working, and that's about it.